Advantages of Pet Sitting

Several of my clients have stated that they enjoy the quality and convenience of pet sitting.

A pet sitting service operated by an experienced professional pet sitter is great for people who:

  • Work long hours and would like someone to provide a mid-day dog walk.
  • Go on vacation and would prefer that their pets remain at home, where they are more comfortable and are not exposed to an unfamiliar environment with strange smells, sights and sounds.
  • Want to avoid the inconvenience of kenneling, such as:  having to pick up and drop off your pet, exposing your pet to possible illness or fleas, or paying for an extra day (or night) because your departure/arrival time does not align with the kennel’s operating hours.
  • Would like to have the comfort of knowing that an experienced and insured professional is caring for their pets while they are away.




The advantages stated above are just a few of the considerations that I hear most frequently from my clients.  If you have any questions about whether a professional pet sitter is right for you and your pet, please do not hesitate to email me at or give me a call at (717) 795-1926.  I would be happy to discuss my services with you in greater detail.